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  • Neotel’s instant new infrastructure

    I saw last night on ITWeb that Neotel has bought Transtel from Transnet for R230m. This acquisition gives Neotel a national footprint and long distance lines. I seem to recall that Transtel was one of the members of the consortium that created Neotel in the first place so this is probably a bit of housekeeping. […]

  • links for 2007-04-11

    Strategic Legal Technology :: Legal Publishers in 2007 and Beyond How legal publishers may try to survive in the coming years (tags: legalpublishers socialmedia publishing law) Blogs turn 10 from Guardian Unlimited: News blog The history of blogs over the last 10 years. Very interesting reading! (tags: blogging Blogs interesting history) S60Webkit – WebKit – […]

  • Joi Ito on Jaiku and Twitter

    I just read a short comparison between Jaiku and Twitter by Joi Ito. This paragraph pretty much captures the differences from his perspective: Having said that, there are a number of differences despite the similarities on the surface. Jaiku comes from a “presence” background allowing bluetooth proximity, phone idle time, ringer mode and other things […]

  • You’ve seen Twitter, now meet Jaiku

    This is a repost from Wired Gecko where this post first appeared. Leo Laporte, the podcaster of note over at the TWiT network, has announced that he is leaving Twitter for Jaiku after being responsible, to a large degree, for much of Twitter’s popularity after he discussed Twitter shortly before SXSW a little while ago […]

  • Enough to drive a person to piracy

    I really dig the Nelly Furtado track “Say it right” and I have been looking for a place I can buy the single from online and I am at a loss. Oh sure the song is on iTunes and I would love to be able to buy it there (along with loads of other music) […]

  • Get em while they’re hot!

    Amatomu has cool looking badges that you can stick on your blog so get them while they’re hot. There is a variety of colours available to match your blog’s theme. So head on over to the Amatomu badge page and pick your badge today … Technorati Tags:amatomu, badge, colours

  • Google: a semantic search engine?

    I have been staring at this post from Read/Write Web about Google as a semantic search engine for a couple days now. It is a pretty interesting take on Google in the context of the Semantic Web thread. A lot of it has to do with the way Google offers alternative search parameters. An example […]

  • The fun things people do to their friends …

    I have been looking around at Vimeo a little this evening and came across this video showing the fun things people do to their friends … Nick vs. The Internet on Vimeo That first one got me nicely the first time I saw it too … Technorati Tags:fun, joke, scare, loud, shriek, friends