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  • The Register has a pretty impressive photo taken from space of a cruise missile of some kind flying over Utah.  The image appears in Google Earth (placemark), Google‘s beloved satellite imaging software.  Someone must really have been scouring the skies for that one to have picked it up!  Here are the images: And here is […]

  • And here is the final installment of the Aquila Couch Sessions. In this final part we chat about the upcoming Blog Awards and some community building. We hope you have enjoyed these videos and would love to hear what you think about them? Do you want to see similar interviews on this site in the […]

  • Matt Mullenweg has pubished an important post to the WordPress Blog.  The recent WordPress 2.1.1 update was comprised by a cracker and code was inserted into that version’s installation file rendering that open to attack.  To quote from the blog post: Long story short: If you downloaded WordPress 2.1.1 within the past 3-4 days, your […]

  • We hope you have been enjoying the interview with Nico (aka Aquila). Here is part 3 of the interview. In this episode we talk a bit about two types of blog (the general versus the niche blog) and a mention of what may be some interesting stuff from Cherryflava (of course the Cherrypicka site is […]

  • I know this will sound like a bit of hero worship combined with some fanboy-ism (ok, a lot of both) but I got two emails from Guy Kawasaki today!  How cool is that?! Tags: guy kawasaki, i got an email from, hero worship, fanboy