I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife …

Without my wife my posts would have even worse spelling and frightening grammatical mistakes so I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her feedback. To the extent these posts read well, it is due to her editing and to the extent my posts can like to read kak, it is my […]

We need more “whiney bastards” in the SA blogosphere

I just had a chat with Vincent about the Awards debate and we pretty much came to the conclusion that the real cause for concern is probably (most likely) not the processes that were employed in the voting and judging stages but rather what was (or wasn’t) said about them.  There are people who become […]

A little disappointed …

Tertia sent around this email to a couple bloggers this morning.  I think her email is fair comment in light of the controversy over the 2007 SA Blog Awards and she gave me permission to republish it here: Hello guys i know i am a big girl, and i know i am hormonal, but i […]

Spanning Sync sneaks in “free trial”

Spanning Sync, the cool utility that allows Mac users to synchronise Google Calendar and iCal (both ways) has emerged from beta testing as version 1.0.  This is great news and as soon as I found out, I downloaded the latest update and installed it.  I should have been a little more cautious though, when I […]

The controversial 2007 SA Blog Awards … revisited

The debate over the 2007 SA Blog Awards has been pretty intense.  I had an opportunity to chat to Jonathan Cherry, the co-ordinator/facilitator of the SA Blog Awards for the last three years running about much of the criticism that has been levied against the voting process, the judges and the alignment of the stars […]

WordPress 2.1.1 is “dangerous” – Upgrade to 2.1.2 now!

Matt Mullenweg has pubished an important post to the WordPress Blog.  The recent WordPress 2.1.1 update was comprised by a cracker and code was inserted into that version’s installation file rendering that open to attack.  To quote from the blog post: Long story short: If you downloaded WordPress 2.1.1 within the past 3-4 days, your […]

The Aquila Couch Session interview … part 3

We hope you have been enjoying the interview with Nico (aka Aquila). Here is part 3 of the interview. In this episode we talk a bit about two types of blog (the general versus the niche blog) and a mention of what may be some interesting stuff from Cherryflava (of course the Cherrypicka site is […]

Just have to tell you something …

I know this will sound like a bit of hero worship combined with some fanboy-ism (ok, a lot of both) but I got two emails from Guy Kawasaki today!  How cool is that?! Tags: guy kawasaki, i got an email from, hero worship, fanboy

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