Look within … your comments, that is

There is a reference to an interview conducted with the CEO of CoComment on Everything is Miscellaneous that includes a discussion about how CoComment enables its corporate clients to delve into the comments posted to their sites to identify the experts and higher profile commentators. They can also identify the more vocal commentators who may already be or could soon become potent evangelists for the business.

Tertia and I were chatting about responding to comments to a blog post and my view is that responding in the comments section is a really good idea for a number of reasons. The main reason is that when you respond you are participating in the conversation that unfolds in your comments section. Responding to comments also tells your commentators that you are listening to them and encourage them to comment again. Another way to respond to comments is by email. This lets that person know you are listening to them but the means of communication is obviously not public so you don’t have the benefit of letting everyone else know. From what I have seen, a large number of bloggers do respond to comments in the comments section. Do you? What are your thoughts?

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