Look within … your comments, that is

There is a reference to an interview conducted with the CEO of CoComment on Everything is Miscellaneous that includes a discussion about how CoComment enables its corporate clients to delve into the comments posted to their sites to identify the experts and higher profile commentators. They can also identify the more vocal commentators who may […]

Eric Edelstein says “no comment(s)”

Eric posted an announcement about a new project to launch a 3rd blog aggregator about a week ago and the post got a fair amount of interest which was reflected, in part, in the comments section of that post. I took a look at the post to see if there were any updates and say […]

links for 2007-04-25

KABtalk (tags: sablogs southafrica capetown) stii.za.net » Blog Archive » Cerebra cerebrates Tyler! Congrats to Tyler for joining one of the hottest social media outfits in SA (tags: tylerreed cerebra) Facebook | News Feed Preferences Here is a handy tool for adjusting what you see more or less of in your Facebook news feed. (tags: […]

links for 2007-04-23

LexBlog Blog : More reason for full text vs. partial text feeds (tags: partial full feeds fullfeeds truncated toblog) Black Hole Cluster Breathes Out Enormous Gas Cloud – Yahoo! News Wow that is big … 6 million light years across (tags: blackhole 6millionlightyears supermassiveblackholes cosmicradiation universe galaxies)

links for 2007-04-11

Strategic Legal Technology :: Legal Publishers in 2007 and Beyond How legal publishers may try to survive in the coming years (tags: legalpublishers socialmedia publishing law) Blogs turn 10 from Guardian Unlimited: News blog The history of blogs over the last 10 years. Very interesting reading! (tags: blogging Blogs interesting history) S60Webkit – WebKit – […]

TypePad should really make it easier …

TypePad should really make it easier to move away from them and move to them. Technorati Tags:typepad, migration, files, uploads, downloads

The dark Web … develops

There is a post on Doc Searls’ blog with an email from Alan Herrell who appeared to be the person behind many of the attacks on Kathy Sierra on the meankids.org blog. It seems that the posts published under his name or credited to him were published by someone involved in stealing Herrell’s digital identity […]

links for 2007-03-28

Six Apart – News and Events Interesting news items including Vox, OpenID and blogging from the Six Apart blog (tags: vox blogging news openid anildash sixapart) stii.za.net » Blog Archive » How healthy is the SA blogging community? 😉 (tags: sablogcommunity sablogs spam)

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