chili luvin’ for The Times

The Times launched a test issue this last week ahead of the full release to roughly 120 000 Sunday Times subscribers.

The response from people wandering around in Rosebank is pretty good which is great because I was invited to write for The Times as one of their “blogumnists” for the next few months so you will find a chili flavoured column in The Times each week which will probably be republished here on chilibean after publication in The Times. There will be two versions of the paper each week, the printed version and the online version and the columns published by the 5 “blogumnists” will appear both online and in the print edition.

I like the fact that bloggers are part of this (aside from the fact that I am one of those bloggers) because it gives blogging some good exposure to the same readers who may have negative views of bloggers due to recent articles in the press about the darker side of blogging. I would like to see blogging’s public image improve through media such as The Times in the coming weeks and months.

For now, good luck to Ray, Carly and their team ahead of the full release next week.

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