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  • Better sources of news about Israel

    Better sources of news about Israel

    A recurring theme whenever there is a conflict involving Israel is that international media can be pretty unhelpful, bordering on pathologically biased against Israel. Here is a list of English-language news sources that we rely on for the most part.

  • The case against Facebook

    The case against Facebook

    But Googlers can also make a strong case that Google makes valuable contributions to the information climate. I learn useful, real information via Google every day. And while web search is far from a perfect technology, Google really does usually surface accurate, reliable information on the topics you search for. Facebook’s imperative to maximize engagement,…

  • “… the whole stream is just noise”, the state of news media

    I agree with Om Malik that news media seems pretty superficial lately, so much so that “the whole stream is just noise”. There is a positive side though.

  • When 140 characters are not enough to rant

    When 140 characters are not enough to rant

    It would be great if Twitter stopped counting links in the 140 characters tweet limit but the prospect of that happening really doesn’t justify the media frenzy. Really, people!

  • The Daily Maverick’s response to trolls

    Shutting down comments won’t stop trolls from being trolls but it will force them out into other fora and deprive them of the opportunity to spoil an otherwise valiant enterprise.

  • Small minds crippled South African democracy

    I’ve been reading a couple more stories both anticipating and discussing yesterday’s shameful vote to pass the Protection of State Information Bill in Parliament. There are some terrific quotes in these articles, all of which are worth reading: Times Live’s article titled “The bitter triumph of small minds”: If our parliament votes this bill into…

  • Why TechCentral's Google+ review is the worst I've read

    Craig Wilson has written the worst Google+ review I have read so far. This isn’t because the review is critical of Google+ or questions whether it has what it takes to compete with Facebook and Twitter, but because the review is factually inaccurate in some respects, misleading in others and reads a little like Wilson…

  • Explore Yad Vashem's collections online

    I just noticed that Yad Vashem’s collections are available online, with Google’s help. If you are not familiar with Yad Vashem (I haven’t had an opportunity to visit yet, myself), here is some background information: As the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its…