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  • That’s it, the event we (well, a small percentage of “we”) have feared has come to pass and it is time to see if we (the aforesaid small percentage of “we”) have the brass ones to leave Facebook. Microsoft has bought 1.6% of Facebook for $240 million which makes Microsoft a part owner of one […]

  • M&G hearts Facebook

    Mail and Guardian has jumped onto the Facebook platform with a new Facebook application that serves up news headlines in your news feed. So far both Mail and Guardian and The Times have a presence on Facebook and this makes sense because so many people are using Facebook today. I do wonder how valuable a […]

  • The Times launched a test issue this last week ahead of the full release to roughly 120 000 Sunday Times subscribers. The response from people wandering around in Rosebank is pretty good which is great because I was invited to write for The Times as one of their “blogumnists” for the next few months so […]

  • I just got back from a Wild West-themed party hosted by Bizcommunity at Party House in Northgate. The event was held to thank Bizcommunity’s clients and prospective clients for their business and interest. I had a couple really interesting discussions about satellite TV in Africa and the upcoming CNBC Africa launch on 1 June (which […]

  • David Bullard, Sunday Times columnist, has written a really unfortunate article titled “Name and shame offensive bloggers” which was published today. Vincent has posted a blow by blow review of Bullard’s comments and his responses to them so I won’t go through the same process. Basically this whole blogging thing is, according to Bullard, little […]

  • Mail & Guardian has just launched a new daily podcast called the Lunchtime News Wrap. So what is this podcast all about: The M&G Online provides a short midday podcast of the main news stories of the day, Monday to Friday, covering local, international, business, sport and Africa news. The episodes are pretty short (around […]

  • I just had a chat with Vincent about the Awards debate and we pretty much came to the conclusion that the real cause for concern is probably (most likely) not the processes that were employed in the voting and judging stages but rather what was (or wasn’t) said about them.  There are people who become […]