How sandwiches switched from email to Slack

It is starting to seems like everyone is using Slack for internal comms within teams. I have at least two clients using it and I know of a couple other small teams using it too. (On a related note, the Slack referral program which gives you $100 in credit when you sign up expires at […]

iOS 8 just made Flipboard much more useful to me

I haven’t used Flipboard all that much lately for one reason: the built in sharing options for articles I read and wanted to share have been too limited. Sure, you could share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn but that involved a lot more time than using something like Buffer and Buffer enables me to […]

Removing the annoying blinking cursor in Firefox

One of the reasons I stopped using Firefox as my primary browser was something pretty small, but annoying: a seemingly random cursor on the screen. I couldn’t work out how to stop it from appearing when I clicked on the screen until I found this forum post titled “Firefox shows a blinking “edit” cursor in […]

NetNewsWire acquired by Black Pixel

I tend to use Feedly as my feed reader but I have been waiting for the much anticipated version 4.0 update to one of the best desktop feed readers around, NetNewsWire, for some time now. Version 4.0 of the Lite version has been on the Mac App store for a little while now but the […]

Calvetica: a quick iPhone calendar app mention

I am on a bit of an iPhone app kick at the moment while I wait for my iPhone’s micro-SIM to activate (just hoping I didn’t mess up the process and it has to start again on Monday). I came across this app I noticed a while ago and which looks pretty cool. I haven’t […]

Introducing Google’s Presently

Google is going to launch a presentation web app (which I believe is going to be called “Presently”) to complement its existing pseudo-Office offering in the form of Google Docs & Spreadsheets. It announced the new addition to its Web-based productivity apps on the Google blog yesterday in a post titled “We’re expecting” (love the […]

BT does Enterprise 2.0

BT has launched an Enterprise 2.0 service called BT Tradespace which is aimed at SMEs: BT Tradespace provides small businesses with simple online publishing tools that allow you to quickly and easily create and post content to the web. Each BT Tradespace member’s page includes blogs, photos, podcasts, contact information, maps, virtual business card, and […]

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