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You don’t see Twitter down very often

You don’t see Twitter down very often. I thought I’d capture the moment. And then go back to work.

I just tried to look up an actress on Twitter and saw this little graphic. You really don’t see Twitter down very often. The one thought I have is to check to see where people are expressing their panic about Twitter being down and then I realise two things:

  1. Twitter will be back up soon and we’ll be back to #normal; and
  2. Twitter being down isn’t such a big deal, for the most part. It means everyone has a forced break and a chance to actually talk to each other; step outside and see where they are walking and a number of other things.

I remember the #FailWhale days a few years ago. This is just a reminder that these things can happen. Of course the irony is that when I publish this questionably useful post, most of my usual readers won’t see it. Because, well, Twitter is down.

Right, moment over. Back to work.

By Paul

Enthusiast, writer, Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I take photos too. Passionate about my wife, Gina and #proudDad.

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Nathan Jeffery – George, South Africa – Results driven, technology strategist and business enthusiast. Fuelled by artisan coffee, I work remote, consulting on product development and infrastructure.
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