You don’t see Twitter down very often

I just tried to look up an actress on Twitter and saw this little graphic. You really don’t see Twitter down very often. The one thought I have is to check to see where people are expressing their panic about Twitter being down and then I realise two things:

  1. Twitter will be back up soon and we’ll be back to #normal; and
  2. Twitter being down isn’t such a big deal, for the most part. It means everyone has a forced break and a chance to actually talk to each other; step outside and see where they are walking and a number of other things.

I remember the #FailWhale days a few years ago. This is just a reminder that these things can happen. Of course the irony is that when I publish this questionably useful post, most of my usual readers won’t see it. Because, well, Twitter is down.

Right, moment over. Back to work.






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  1. Nathan Jeffery avatar

    RSS FTW! 🙂

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