Structured sharing

Dave Winer published a post earlier, titled “I want a structured notebook that I share” that touches on something I’ve been thinking about lately.

I want to share ideas that have some meaning to them, a way of creating value.

Think of it as deliberate metadata creation on a personal scale.

I mention it a bit in the comments on Winer’s post. His post has me thinking some more about it and also about OPML and outliners in the context of more structured sharing. I also came across the idea of creating a narrative of your work which appeals to me.

I was thinking earlier this evening about using outliners to document my work processes as I go.

I have a project this quarter that involves me learning some new stuff and figuring out how to achieve my targets and capturing my processes into an outliner could be a really interesting way to both document my path for my own reference (and possibly to share publicly later – if my contract permits it) as well as a way to capture the lessons for my team in an internal reference archive.


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