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  • Not a happy thought … The background here is a trademark dispute between The Gap and a local business called Salt of the Earth. After an 8 year battle, the judge presiding over the matter has allegedly copied most of his judgment from one party’s court papers without any reference to the arguments presented by […]

  • US Attorney General Alberto Goncalves has presented the US Congress with a new bill called the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 1997 which would punish attempted copyright infringement in addition to imposing harsher penalties for other infractions of US copyright law. The proposed legislation will have the following effects: Criminalize “attempting” to infringe copyright. Create […]

  • I am a little late with this but I received the following release from one of my colleagues: LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY To mark World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2007, specialist ICT / IP law firm, Nicci Ferguson Incorporated, are offering free 20 minute consultations and a free […]

  • iPod users in South Africa are criminals: an appeal to the local music industry

    Virtually everywhere you go you see the characteristic white earbuds that are attached to an iPod of some description. iPods fly off the shelves and have become synonymous with portable audio players both here in South Africa and elsewhere and yet most people who use iPods here in South Africa are criminals! This may seem […]