Category: Legal

  • Swooning over Louis CK content licensing

    I love it when smart people like Louis CK use simple licensing for their content and let fans just enjoy the content the way they want to.

  • Unpacking MTN’s misleading “uncapped” data bundle

    I stumbled across this story about MTN’s misleading “uncapped” data bundle offer and the more I read, the more frustrated I felt about MTN’s messaging about the service and confusion it causes.

  • T&Cs don’t apply during a zombie apocalypse

    Amazon updated its Service Terms with an exception for some of its terms and conditions for Lumberyard Materials in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

  • I blame the lawyers

    This is pretty amusing although more the Ars article than the fact that the patent for online document sharing was actually granted to Xerox: There are probably hundreds of pieces of prior art that could be found for an essentially simple idea. The one highlighted in Ranieri’s article, and pictured above, is a library circulation […]

  • You gave up your rights to your writing

    It turns out that, as an employee, you probably gave up your rights to your writing when you signed your employment contract. When I mean you gave up your rights, I mean all of them.

  • A great guide to GPL for WordPress developers

    Richard Best has a terrific guide to GPL for WordPress developers along the lines of the famously simple “human readable” Creative Commons license explanations on his site, WP and Legal Stuff, in his post titled “A human readable summary of the GPL“. He actually has two versions, both of which are worth taking a look […]

  • No more Lords and Ladies in our Courts

    The various superior courts issue Practice Directions from time to time to update lawyers on best practices in those courts. The President of the Supreme Court of Appeal issued Practice Directions in the last few days which included this change to how lawyers should address Supreme Court of Appeal judges: The mode of address to the […]

  • If you want to see your lawyer cry …

    If you want to see your lawyer cry, take one of his/her carefully written contracts and copy and paste parts of it into a Franken-contract — Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) November 20, 2014