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  • I have a largely unpleasant history with MS Word. I avoid using it as much as I can (and when I do use it, I use it primarily because other lawyers we deal with are using it and I pause my resistance when it can cost me excessive time and money). It is, however, the […]

  • The Oscar Pistorius case discussion has shifted, to a degree, to the lawyers involved and the profit they are bound to make from this high profile case. This is a common meme in any high profile case and when talking about lawyers generally. It is also a pretty harmful meme and not necessarily for the […]

  • I saw this item on BoingBoing (linked to the Consumer Law and Policy Blog) and had a giggle. Sometimes lawyers really just don’t get it and go a little too far. This clause was found on a company’s website. After reading this I have to wonder what visitors can actually do with their site: By […]

  • Guy McLaren wants to censor me

    At the outset I just want to point out that this post is written in my personal capacity. I am also involved now in my professional capacity and I won’t really comment on that side of the matter. I received a message from Guy McLaren from the contact form on this blog yesterday. Here it […]

  • I have started to see reports that Microsoft’s Office Open XML document format was not adopted as a standard by ISO. Microsoft failed to garner sufficient support to have its controversial document format adopted as a standard alongside the OpenDocument Format which is now the only standard of its kind. This must come as quite […]

  • I am doing some research in a restraint of trade matter and I came across an interesting link between the principle of freedom of contract and the Bill of Rights. In the case of Reddy versus Siemens Telecommunications (Proprietary) Limited the Supreme Court of Appeal held the following: Contractual autonomy is part of freedom informing […]

  • A recent filmed interview about the Sunday Times’ coverage of the Health Minister’s alleged antics was hijacked, edited and posted to YouTube. I was approached by the Sunday Times earlier today for comment and part of my interview was included in a video published on The Times’ multimedia site: Brought to you by: The Times […]

  • The traditional perspective on the social, sharing aspects of social media is that it could well mean the end of intellectual property rights as we know it as the seemingly anarchist masses disregard the rights of content creators. Or do they? I know one or two people who are involved in mainstream content production and […]