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Israel is at war and we are not ok

As you probably know, Israel is basically at war with terrorists in Gaza. They surprised us yesterday morning with massive rocket barrages and infiltrations into cities and towns in the South.

We are in central Israel, so we are relatively safe. We are not ok, though. We have watched reports of Israelis being murdered in their homes and communities, and an unknown number of Israelis who were kidnapped and taken to Gaza where they are being paraded and tormented.

This is just the beginning. When I think about historical parallels, this resembles a terrible mix of the Independence War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

I am sure we will have longs days and weeks ahead of us as Israel fights to remove these terrorists from our land, fights to recover our people who were taken to Gaza, and works to damage these terrorist organisations so much that they won’t want to lift their heads for a very long time, let along plan another attack.

For now, we (our family) are relatively safe. We “only” have rockets to contend with and we are as well protected from those as we can be. But we’re not ok.

If you’d like to follow updates on the situation, this Times of Israel page is a good option:


10 responses to “Israel is at war and we are not ok

  1. geschichtenundmeer avatar

    Horrible situation. I hope you and your family will make it through this horror without being hurt. (Will they ever let Israel live in peace?)

    1. Paul avatar

      Thank you!

  2. mosckerr avatar

    Arabs bemoan the Nakba. They love to bitch about the “Illegal Occupied Territories”, “the lands Israel stole from Palestinians”. So easy for propaganda to denouce Israel for “War Crimes” etc. But at the end of the day: only Israel has deeded land for the establishment of a Palestinian State. The 2005 unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. Actions speak louder than Word/Noise. Notice that Egypt refuses to permit Arab refugees to flee from Gaza to the Sinai???

  3. mosckerr avatar

    What defines the goal of the current war in Gaza?

    The over 200 kidnapped captives a clear priority. However, Israel fights a regime change war. The total unconditional surrender of Hamas defines the Will of the People of Israel to achieve justice for the slaughter of some 1400 Israelis on October 7th. Just that simple.

  4. mosckerr avatar

    Oct 7th, yet assimilated & intermarried worshippers of avoda zara [kapo-Jewish-Goyim-Nazi-lovers] stand with Hamas/Islamic Jihad war criminals.

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