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The Sock Pocket Universe

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a Sock Pocket Universe that is generated by our aging tumble dryer. No matter whether paired socks enter the dryer, there is always a sock missing.

The drum is sealed, so the only logical conclusion is that the motion of the dryer generates a rift in spacetime, sending the occasional sock into a pocket universe populated by single, unpaired socks. Although, I wonder what happens if two socks that happen to be alike meet in this pocket universe? 🤔

It also seems to me that purchasing more socks because you’re running out of socks (due to the aforesaid pocket universe eating socks at random intervals) only accelerates this process.

I conducted a totally unscientific and statistically insignificant analysis of this today, and concluded that the number of pairs of socks you buy to address this sock entropy is directly proportionate to the rate at which the dryer dispatches those socks to the Sock Pocket Universe.

In short, there is little hope for we sock-wearing Humans. Instead, we have no choice but to continue to buy more socks, resigning ourselves to the inevitable casualties along the way.


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