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After procrastinating for a while (probably years at this point), I decided to explore this #vim thing that techie people rave about, last week. I've read about the steep learning curve, so I expected it to take me a while to reach some degree of "ok, I can use this".

Aside from a series of helpful, written tutorials, I came across two awesome YouTube playlists that really helped me understand how to do stuff using vim and just my keyboard.

One super helpful playlist, and a @Neovim configuration, comes from @chrisatmachine

Besides giving me a ready-made configuration that I really like, Chris' videos nicely explain the components in this config so I can see what everything does.

Another extremely helpful set of tutorials is @ThePrimeagen's "Vim As Your Editor" series. Each episode focuses on a couple basic actions. Totally bite-sized and manageable.

I started experimenting with @Neovim using the Neovim from Scratch config at the beginning of last week. I quickly switched Obsidian and @code over to vim keybindings, and then stopped using #VSCode for anything but my practice Jupyter Notebooks a day or two later.

I started playing around with vim macros to speed up some repetitive tasks, and really enjoyed @devasdraft‘s video here:

… and @ThePrimeagen‘s video about registers here:

I’m still very much a beginner with this. At the same time, I really enjoy working in Neovim. There’s something about the plain text aesthetic that really appeals to me with floating text windows, super fast searches and actions.

So huge appreciation to creators like @chrisatmachine @ThePrimeagen @devasdraft @vim_tricks and the many others who share their tips, tricks, and recommendations online. Not to mention all the people who maintain all the excellent (Neo)vim plugins.

Originally tweeted by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) on 2022-01-11.

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