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One of the features in Microsoft Edge that I’ve grown to really like is Collections. Granted there is some overlap with regular bookmarks. At the same time, Collections feel much more convenient, and immediate. Still, they are limited to Edge (in this form).

The challenge is what to do when you don't use Edge for everything? How do you maintain, and access your Collections that you curate over time?

One example is this simple collection of Dungeons & Dragons links that I tend to access more frequently.

A screenshot of a Collection in Microsoft Edge with a few Dungeons and Dragons links that I use.

If I switch over to another browser (I routinely use Firefox Developer Edition as my primary browser during the week), my main option for accessing these links in that browser has been to keep a parallel set of bookmarks (Firefox has/had a similar collections feature on mobile only).

I realised that instead of primarily using Edge for my Collections, and wonky workarounds in other browsers, I can just use Raindrop.io as my primary resource for collections. Raindrop specifically has an option to group links into collections (among other features).

So, for example, I created this Dungeons & Dragons collection in Raindrop.io that I can access and maintain on whichever browser I happen to be using through the Raindrop browser extensions.

A screenshot of a Collection in Raindrop.io with a few Dungeons and Dragons links that I use.

This is hardly limited to Raindrop.io. I imagine you could just as easily use other bookmarking apps like Pinboard too.

Originally tweeted by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) on 2021-11-21.


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