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Jocks playing Dungeons and Dragons

When you think about the types of people who play the game, you probably don’t think of jocks playing Dungeons and Dragons, but they do.

The stereotypical DnD player is probably a pimply teenager in their basement, or something, but this doesn’t give you an accurate picture of who is playing the game these days at all.

I’ve started getting back into Dungeons and Dragons in the last few weeks, and I really like how the game has evolved, and is very much going strong.

The people who are championing the game are diverse, and passionate about it.

I’ve just started watching some streamed DnD games, and really enjoyed this streamed game featuring Jocks Machina from June 2018:

There’s a great background interview for this game here, too:

I love this paradigm shift where people like these burly actors and sports professionals, who you wouldn’t expected to be into DnD, are super passionate about it.

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    @Paul Been playing since I was a teenager (with great skin, thanks). Played at school and home with friends (group had 3 girls, 2 boys), as well as with parents (who otherwise weren’t gamers). Have continued to play D&D intermittently throughout the intervening decades. In the last ten years my fellow players have been executive level at major companies, lawyers, startup founders, internationally recognized innovaters in technology and the humanities, artists, programmers, designers, etc.

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