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Happy 30th birthday to the Web

The Web turned 30 yesterday, so I guess this is a belated birthday post about the invention that made so much of how I live my life, and my various careers, possible.

In 1989 the world’s largest physics laboratory, CERN, was a hive of ideas and information stored on multiple incompatible computers. Sir Tim Berners-Lee envisioned a unifying structure for linking information across different computers, and wrote a proposal in March 1989 called “Information Management: A Proposal“. By 1991 this vision of universal connectivity had become the World Wide Web.

30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web | Web at 30: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Invention of the Web

I love that the comment on Tim Berners-Lee’s original proposal for the Web was “Vague, but exciting” 😂.

The CERN team put together a Spotify playlist including music from when the Web was created. If you were alive back then, this may bring back memories:

It’s also pretty interesting to read what people have to say about this anniversary of the Web. Take a look at this Twitter stream based on the #Web30 hashtag.

Image credit: CERN (I didn’t see a specific license, so hopefully it’s an open license)







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