100 Lightroom presets and nothing looks good

I usually use a selection of VSCO Lightroom presets when I edit my photos.

Today is turning out to be one of those rare days when none of my presets look vaguely appealing. It’s very frustrating. No matter what I use, the previews don’t come close to what I’m aiming for.

Fortunately the more natural look is working for me today. Still, this is clearly one of those days when using shortcuts like presets just isn’t working out for me …

Photo credit: Martin Reisch (he was clearly having a better day than me)





3 responses to “100 Lightroom presets and nothing looks good”

  1. nuclearpengy avatar

    I find editing photos takes so much time and mental effort and often think editing text is easier.

    1. Paul avatar

      Oh sure, it definitely is but as a photographer it has its rewards too.

      1. nuclearpengy avatar

        For sure; a photo (or video) adds a lot to a story and often tells a story on its own.

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