On our wedding anniversary

Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. It really doesn’t feel like Gina and I have been married for 11 years.

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It feels like we stood under that chuppah just a few short years ago but then I realise we have a 9 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. Then there was also the conversation I had with our kids this morning over breakfast where they pointed out that I was just 30 when we were married.

So, ok, I’ll concede it has been 11 years. Still, it doesn’t feel that long, especially when I look at my wife and how young she still seems.

I won’t go into our story and reminisce about the last decade or so in this post. I did that last year so I’ll just point you to that post if you are curious about how we met and how we grew as a family since then.

I realized that I omitted one little detail in that 10th wedding anniversary post. I knew from the start that Gina would become my wife. I knew it from around the time of our second date.

What I have been thinking about this morning is just how much Gina has taught me about being a better husband, friend and father to our children.

I can’t say I have always listened to the wisdom that she has shared over the years. At the same time, those times when I do pay attention leave me a better person for having done so.

Gina is a wonderful mother and a very patient and understanding wife. I have probably driven her completely crazy many times in our 13 years together (we met in November 2003) and she has still stuck by me and supported me through many tough times.

We are slowly building a new life here in Israel and I can’t think of anyone else I would want to do that with. We have two amazing children who are the embodiment of so many of our qualities. Just as Gina helps me become a better husband and friend to her, our children challenge us to be better parents to them.

For my part, I am really glad she said yes all those years ago and that she remains my partner in this crazy adventure.

Happy anniversary, angel. Love you tons, with much!


10 responses to “Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary

  1. Michal avatar


    Can’t believe you two have been married that long! You definitely don’t look it.

    1. Paul avatar

      Thank you! My short hair hides the grey. 😉

  2. Gina avatar

    HUBBAND!!!! You made me cry at my desk! I adore you crazy man!

    1. Paul avatar

      Love you too, wife! 🙂

  3. Gina Jacobson avatar

    Celebrating 11 years of marriage to my beautiful wife, @Gnat_J j.mp/2l78t6N

  4. Gina Jacobson avatar


    Gina Jacobson


  5. Alternate Gio avatar

    congrats you two! @Gnat_J

  6. Paul Jacobson avatar

    Thanks very much! 🙂

  7. Philip V. Ariel avatar


    Philip V. Ariel


  8. Paul avatar

    Today Gina and I have been married for 12 years. I’ve had the opportunity to wake up next to her almost every morning in those years (well, and a year or two before that too ).  I’ve loved my wife since our second date. I’ve driven her crazy in all that time. We’ve raised two amazing kids over the years, and I have her to thank for that.I hope I have many more opportunities to pay tribute to my long-suffering, immensely patient, and beautiful partner. She and the kids are the loves of my life, and I am a better person with them in my life.

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    Our afternoon at the Tel Aviv Port

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