What? Me? Procrastinate?

Oh boy, this explains so much about me and why I probably tend to procrastinate so much …

I’ve become better at noticing when I procrastinate and developing tactics to help me manage my procrastination habit better. Much of what I do tends to focus on a highly structured and granular productivity system, specifically my imperfect implementation of Getting Things Done.

GTD has become my lifeline to a much more productive workflow and I guard it from other people’s attempts to disrupt it fairly actively. As it is, I often find I need to somehow harmonise my GTD implementation with whatever my colleagues are using so it can become a little complex. That said, it remains the bedrock of how I (mostly) get stuff done.

I can’t say I have conquered procrastination but I think the trick is to reign it in so it is more manageable. I try be more patient with myself when I do drift off. There is no point being hard on yourself, it just reinforces the habit.

Anyway, where was I … ?

Image credit: ejaugsburg (via Pixabay)


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