Love this cover of a Fleetwood Mac track.

Terrific subway cover of “Landslides” by Fleetwood Mac

I am a big Fleetwood Mac fan and I really enjoyed Ashley Stevenson‘s cover of the band’s track “Landslides”. Stevenson’s cover was captured on a Chicago subway platform in April 2016 and it worth watching:

Here is Fleetwood Mac’s live version of this track in a concert back in 2009:

One of the best covers of a popular artist’s music that I can remember was a woman singing Tracy Chapman covers in Sandton, Johannesburg more than a decade ago. She sounded exactly like Chapman. If only I had the means to capture that performance back then.

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8 responses to “Terrific subway cover of “Landslides” by Fleetwood Mac

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    I still think the Smashing Pumpkins version on Pisces Iscariot is one of the best ever.…

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    Ashley Stevenson

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    Terrific subway cover of @FleetwoodMac’s “Landslides” by @slimmilsmusic

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    Terrific subway cover of @FleetwoodMac’s “Landslides” by @slimmilsmusic

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    This is the real #Chicago people don’t see.

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    Just me

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    Merlot Embargo

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    tony yoh

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