A wintery Jerusalem day trip

A moment from our Jerusalem day trip
We spent the day in Jerusalem and visited both familiar sights and a few new ones. I love the contrasts in this photo between old world and new street art.

We went on a wintery Jerusalem day trip yesterday with family. I made a point of capturing more scenes with my camera, bearing in mind Eric Kim’s photography advice for 2017 (particularly point 2). I really like many of the photos I made. I think I’m also slowly getting the hang of more of Lightroom’s functionality to tweak lighting in parts of photos to improve them. Here are some of my favourites from the album:

Reaching for the Divine

This moment of this man reaching up to leave a note in the Kotel was a wonderful capture.

Winter Jerusalem day trip

Of course the shuk where you can buy (and bargain for) all sorts of paraphernalia.

Winter Jerusalem day trip

I didn’t notice the couple on the left when I took the photo. I saw them when I edited the photo. Terrific moment!

Mamilla Mall crowd

This woman stepped into my frame so I just incorporated her into the shot.

Street violinist

This woman was playing higher up on Jaffa Street outside a well-known pizzeria. I had to photograph her playing.

I’ve shared my Jerusalem day trip album on Flickr so head over there for the full experience. Just click on this image below:

2016-12-29 A Wintery day in Jerusalem

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