From the day you were born – a message to our son

Our son’s teacher recently asked the parents in the class to write a message to our son as part of a class assignment. She has been reading them to the kids in class. I decided to write a message to our son in English and attempt a translation into Hebrew. My translation attempt wasn’t great so I asked a friend to help me with a better version (אסף תודה רבה‫!‬).

I thought I’d share it here for posterity.

From the day you were born, the Sun has felt warmer and the stars shone brighter.
You have a kind heart and a sense of wonder that inspires us.
We have loved you since before we met you and always will.

מהיום שנולדת, חשנו שהשמש חמימה יותר והכוכבים נצצו באור בהיר יותר.
יש לך לב טוב וחוש פלא שמעורר בנו השראה.
אהבנו אותך עוד לפני שנפגשנו ותמיד נאהב.

I hope this message to our son doesn’t embarrass him in class. I tend to wax lyrical when I am asked to write something about the people I love (even the people I like).





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