Prickly neighbourhood sabras

Those prickly sabras

Sabra is iconic Israeli fruits that became metaphors for born Israelis (my term for Israelis born in Israel, as opposed to immigrants like us). The plant itself apparently originated in Mexico.

I’ve come across these prickly plants a number of times since we arrived in Israel and I am developing a bit of a fascination with them as subjects for my photography.

Blooming sabra

I noticed a plant in my neighbourhood and I’ve taken a couple photos of the sabras growing on it now and then. I took a quick photo or two with my phone to share with one of our class groups on WhatsApp (I share a photo with the group each week – more or less – and wish them a Shabbat Shalom for the weekend). I decided to return with my DSLR for more photos and I’m pretty happy with the outcome, for the most part.

Prickly sabras

The sun was starting to set so there was a lot of shadow. It added an interesting effect that seemed to change as I shot the sabras.

Prickly sabras

Some of the sabras were a little harder to reach so I experimented with different perspectives. I think this next one works although I’m not convinced I captured it the way I imagined I might.

Prickly sabras

This next one is one of my favourites. My wife prefers the photo I used for this post’s featured image because of the colours but I like this one a little more:

Prickly sabras

You can see more of my photos from yesterday’s sabras mini-shoot on Flickr.

A collage of sabras
Sabra fruit in my neighbourhood.

It will be interesting to go back to this plant (or find more) at different times of the day and even different times of the year. It can be a beautiful plant, despite its prickly exterior. That, of course, is the essence of the sabra metaphor and why it is quintessentially Israeli.






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