Portraits of horses in Kfar Rut

I took my daughter to a birthday party at stables in Kfar Rut and, while I was there, I captured portraits of horses that I really like.

This horse was mostly interested in what the kids were doing.
This horse was mostly interested in what the kids were doing.

The kids rode two of the horses and brushed a third. The kids who rode seemed to love it and the horses seemed content to go along with it all.

This next horse didn’t seem particularly interested in being photographed and I waited for most of the party for it to look in my direction and keep looking at me while I took photos of it.

The reluctant horse
The reluctant horse

Of course there was a great collection of gear I could take photos of.

I really like this next photo and it came out, pretty much, how I envisaged it. I was a little concerned people wouldn’t make it out at first glance but I like the shape and colour of the horse’s back contrasted against the rear wall.

Brown bareback horse

Of course you always have that one horse who really wants to know what you are up to …

Investigator horse

We passed this white horse on our way out. It didn’t seem particularly keen to be photographed so I focused on what I could see from my perspective: the horse’s ears, contrasted with the wall of the stall.

I don’t have many opportunities to take photos of horses so I really enjoyed capturing these portraits of horses. You can see more of my photos from the afternoon on Flickr:

More portraits of horses
Visit my album on Flickr for more photos.


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