Pink and white flowers

Beautiful pink and white flowers

I noticed a few small bushes of really pretty pink and white flowers last Friday and snapped a couple photos and shared them on Instagram. This one is on my public Instagram profile that I created yesterday (variable post privacy options in Instagram would be awesome!):

I really liked how they came out and decided to return with my DSLR for more photos. The original photos came out seemingly overexposed (I have a feeling I didn’t reset my exposure compensation setting from another set of photos before I took the photos). I like the result after some processing in Lightroom, though. Here are some highlights. You can view my complete album on Flickr:

As a matter of interest, what works better for you when I publish image galleries? Something like a Flickr embed or photos uploaded to this site directly?






2 responses to “Beautiful pink and white flowers

  1. Nathan Jeffery avatar

    I find the photos loaded directly on your blog tend to load quicker than photos on Flickr but I also understand that it’s not practical to upload all photos to your blog.

    The gallery plugin in use on this page looks pretty good in full screen mode. 🙂

    1. Paul avatar

      Thanks for your feedback! I think the uploaded photos display a bit better too.

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