Mental workouts to for a productivity boost

relax-569318HubSpot has a great post titled “9 Willpower Workouts to Maximize Your Productivity” which is worth reading. There are a couple mental workouts which could help you give you a productivity boost:

Studies show that our willpower is similar to other muscles. If little time is spent working on your self-control, you won’t see any improvements. However, unlike your other muscles, you only have a limited surplus of self-control: As our day progresses, our willpower depletes.

If you’re struggling with diminishing willpower, below are nine ways to improve your self-control and max out your productivity.

Two things which are becoming more and more important to me are making sure I get enough sleep (especially because I start work at 7am these days) and exercising enough. On the exercise front, I started running in the mornings and I’ll probably need to adjust that schedule with my early starts.

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