Something for the awesome Dads

I love this post by Rosie Writes titled “Dumb-ass stuff we need to stop saying to Dads”. She touches on something I notice now and then: this idea that a Dad is “an inept accessory to parenting”.

The Dads I know are the opposite. They are deeply involved in their kids’ lives; they take kids to school while Moms head to work; take them to the park and chase them around in hysterical games of Tag and more. They also have full-time jobs and then some.

They are awesome Dads and they inspire me each time I see them with their kids.

There is so much I like about Rosie’s post and this pretty much sums it up for me:

“Is Daddy on babysitting duty today?”

Nope, he’s not a baby sitter.

He’s a parent.






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  1. Paul avatar

    Spare a thought for working Dads who have crazy hours and do everything working Moms do. We don’t just goof off and leave it all up to Moms to do.

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