Travel videos for lunchtime wanderlust

I usually head out to a local square in Ramat Gan called Moshe Schnitzer Square to eat my lunch but it is a bit cold today so I spent some time watching travel videos while I ate my lunch instead. On days like today, videos like these are perfect for a little wanderlust:

I haven’t really felt a strong desire to visit Myanmar but I would love to go on one of those balloon rides over the temples (I think the region is called Bagan).

New Zealand is definitely on my travel wishlist. After the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, how can any self-respecting photographer not want to go visit? If you need any more persuasion, spend some time looking at Trey Ratcliff’s photos.

I’ve been fascinated by Ireland for what must be decades. I finally had a chance to tour part of Ireland back in 2004 with my friend Jonathan and I loved being there. I’d love to go back there with my family and shoot far too many photos of that incredible country. The highlight of my Ireland trip was definitely our time in Killarney. It was beautiful.

Image credit: The Dock to Forever by Trey Ratcliff, licensed CC BY NC SA 2.0


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