Are blog-centric status updates feasible yet?

Just thinking about the story on The Guardian about protecting the open Web that I linked to earlier, I’m curious what a blog-centric status update model would look like?

I have a couple IndieWeb plugins installed on this blog which bring actions like Twitter likes, retweets and (theoretically) Facebook likes and comments back here. I haven’t seen Facebook actions replicated here but the idea is interesting. It opens the possibility to that whole distributed social Web model IndieWeb strives for but using a WordPress blog like this one.





4 responses to “Are blog-centric status updates feasible yet?”

  1. GR ICT Incubator avatar

    @pauljacobson seems like one way to help keep the web open.

    1. Paul avatar

      Sure. I think the big question is whether it will be as easy to update via the blog as it is to update natively?

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