Why is Evernote offering a free Dropbox Pro trial?

Evernote is offering a free Dropbox Pro trial to new Evernote users (or Evernote Basic users) and who are also not Dropbox Pro members …



Dropbox and Evernote have been implicitly targeting each other’s users for quite some time now. Dropbox has even developed features that challenge Evernote directly on some features that only Evernote offered previously. Here are two examples I noticed along the way:

This is very strange. These two services may not be explicitly competing but they certainly offer competing services in broad terms so why are they collaborating like this? So why is Evernote offering a free Dropbox Pro trial to new users of both services? Surely those are the most vulnerable users to target?

Is one buying the other out? Will we see Dropbox integration coming to Evernote to boost available storage? That doesn’t seem likely.

What is going on here? Is it April suddenly?


4 responses to “Why is Evernote offering a free Dropbox Pro trial?”

  1. shawn roos avatar

    @pauljacobson why is Evernote doing anything other than making their desktop app and editor less shit.

  2. Paul Jacobson avatar

    .@shawnroos good question. I’d appreciate more focus on the iOS apps too. #dividedfocus

  3. Richard Schroder avatar

    @pauljacobson @shawnroos I’m slowly migrating my Evernote stuff to onenote. The constant upgrade dialog stuff is doing my head in.

  4. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @RichSch @shawnroos I’m not that desperate to switch to #OneNote. Considered @evernote migration to @googledrive though.

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