Office bandwidth happiness this morning

Now and then I still get a kick out of these little speed tests. It looks like our office has faster connectivity these days. Really enjoying our office bandwidth and considering most of my work is Web-based, it certainly makes it a lot easier to get my work done.






6 responses to “Office bandwidth happiness this morning”

  1. Nathan Jeffery avatar

    That ping is great! The lower latency makes a huge impact on experience. Super cool!

    1. Paul avatar

      We don’t do much VoIP at the office but it will certainly help with that.

      1. Nathan Jeffery avatar

        Latency has an impact on all browsing, sometimes a slow line with low latency will provide a better experience than a fast line with high latency, so a fast line with low latency is simply awesomeness.

        1. Paul avatar

          Yes it is!

          1. Nathan Jeffery avatar


  2. TheTechieGuy avatar

    looking for forward to getting of that bandwidth when visiting next week !

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