You may not have been following Philae’s Twitter feed for the last few months but you probably saw the news that the European Space Agency’s probe has landed on a comet designated 67P yesterday.

This is a tremendous achievement:

Jason Snell wrote a short post titled “Philae lands on a comet” commemorating the landing and I think he captured the achievement nicely in these words:

Space is immense and we are very small. What we think of as the world is a thin skin of cool surface above a hot, molten blob, all wrapped in an incredibly thin shell of atmosphere that keeps us alive.

And yet we built a machine that flew 30 light minutes away, launched a probe, and attached it to a chunk of debris that’s been bobbing around since the dawn of the solar system.

Pretty cool.

Here is a photo of the comet on approach, just before Philae landed on 67P. The comet is apparently shaped like a duck!

ROLIS descent image

You can follow Philae’s progress on Twitter:

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