iOS 8 just made Flipboard much more useful to me

I haven’t used Flipboard all that much lately for one reason: the built in sharing options for articles I read and wanted to share have been too limited. Sure, you could share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn but that involved a lot more time than using something like Buffer and Buffer enables me to share using different profiles on each service (for example, I have a Twitter profile for my business and my personal one – Flipboard only supports one profile on each service).

I realised this morning that Flipboard supports the new sharing options that comes with iOS 8 that connect with other apps installed on my devices, like Buffer. Other apps I use like Reeder and Feedly have supported a variety of sharing options for a while now so I’ve tended to use these feed readers as my primary news aggregation sources. Now, Flipboard has just become a lot more interesting for me and I’m pretty pleased about that!

Here is a quick guide to using those sharing options in 3 steps. Just bear in mind that the iOS sharing options leverage installed apps on your devices and you may need to activate the apps in the extended sharing menu.

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