Talking to your machines

Voice recognition on mobile devices has the potential to be revolutionary. I (mostly) love my iPhone but Siri isn’t particularly effective as a voice-based personal assistant. Google’s voice recognition, on the other hand, is easily better than Siri in every way.

Google’s voice recognition is more accurate and consistently gives me better results and doesn’t give me Siri’s common “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that right now” error. I would love to have Google voice search my default on my iPhone but I suppose that is why you might be persuaded to switch to an Android phone.

I just watched this great video from Google about voice recognition technology and where it could all be going in the next few years. Neural nets seem especially exciting.


  1. Francois avatar

    Hi Paul, thanks for this post. I just tried Google’s voice recognition on their app and I am very impressed. Way better than Siri. Take care, Francois

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