Reeder 2 released for Mac

I noticed that Reeder 2 for Mac has been released and is available from the Mac App Store:

I bought ReadKit recently to use as my desktop feed reader after Reeder 1 for Mac pretty much languished and was withdrawn from the Mac App Store after Google Reader shut down a while ago. I installed the Reeder 2 beta when the first beta was released and wasn’t exactly overwhelmed (it was an early beta after all and not feature complete). I updated my beta version to the current beta 7 (which is presumably pretty close to the release version) and I like it.

Here is ReadKit on my Mac:

ReadKit on my Mac

And here is Reeder 2 beta 7 with the same basic folders (both apps are syncing with Feedly):

Reeder 2 beta 7 on my Mac

One little thing I like about Reeder 2 is its MarsEdit integration. I haven’t used MarsEdit for a while. I tend to write my posts in Byword and publish from there to my sites, converting my native Markdown to HTML. MarsEdit integration in Reeder gives me the option of creating a post directly from an item I am reading which can be handy.

Silvio Rizzi tends to be pretty erratic with updates and I started to wonder if I had wasted my money on his apps after he was pretty slow to update his apps following Google Reader’s demise. The iOS versions are pretty good and I am back to using them in place of the Feedly apps on my iPad and iPhone. He pushed out a 2.2 update for the iOS apps the other day too which was welcome mostly because I was wondering whether he was paying much attention to the iOS app.

I suppose I am spoiled by larger development teams which push out regular updates and respond faster to feedback. That said, Reeder 2 is a beautiful app and I think I am going to switch back to Reeder for my desktop use too. If you used Reeder 1, it is worth checking the update out and if you don’t have a good feed reader for your desktop and have been looking for one, try this one. Alternatively, ReadKit is a great all-in-one option too.





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