Captain America: The Winter Soldier preview through its soundtrack

I am a bit of a music soundtrack nut (the instrumental soundtracks, not the pop music compilations) so I am frequently more excited about the soundtracks for upcoming movies than I am about the movies themselves. Soundtracks usually give me a great feel for the movie itself before I watch the movie and, this afternoon, I’m listening to Henry Jackman’s soundtrack for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I’m still working through it for the first time and it hasn’t really grabbed me yet. The title track, “Captain America”, is probably a nice representation of what I have heard so far:

I think I prefer this to Alan Silvestri’s score for the first Captain America movie but neither are as stirring as my current surprise favourite: Steve Jablonsky’s soundtrack for Ender’s Game which has been on repeat for about a week and I still love it. Jablonsky also did the Transformers soundtracks which are also better than their movies. One of my favourites from the Ender’s Game soundtrack is “Dragon Army” (difficult to pick a favourite, they are almost all fantastic):


What do you think?

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