Gina's pasta maker and our culinary experience

Gina won a pasta maker in a competition with Table 21 and The Culinary Table so we took a drive out to Lanseria so she could pick up her prize.

]5 @ShazPhoto, @ChefAndrewR, Gina (@Gnat_J) and a friendly man from the Culinary Table presenting Gina with her prize.

We had a chance to spend some time in the restaurant which in a terrific space:

]6 The restaurant is a large open space with solid wood tables and a high ceiling

She participated in a short photo shoot with Sharon and Andrew in the store and restaurant:

]7 A photographer taking a photo over a photographer’s shoulder at 3 people who include 2 photographers – very meta

Our kids were hungry so we sat down for lunch. The food was terrific. They make the best french fries I’ve had (special potatoes, low oil content) …

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Our daughter wanted a waffle that came with vanilla ice-cream (probably made at The Culinary Table) and raw honey …

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
]9 I wound up eating much of this, very nice!

I had the Free Range PinzGauer Beef Short-Rib Sandwich which was terrific.

]10 My lunch today

Gina had a duck salad with grilled nectaries which she really enjoyed. Our son ordered a toasted cheese sandwich but didn’t get through it all. Gina and I loved the food but I think the taste was a bit too different for our kids. Our daughter made good progress with the chips, though. This sort of food is probably wasted on younger kids so think of this as a treat for the grown-ups.

The Culinary Table then topped off the experience by refusing to charge us for our meal. Thank you! We had a good time and the drive back home was long enough for the kids to have a nap for most of the trip back.


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