People prefer being victims too much to make changes


Isn’t it interesting that people often say they will pay for an ad-free social experience and when the opportunity arises, they don’t. Instead they slip back into familiar comfort and complain another day.

In some cases, people don’t need to pay anything, they just have to decide to try something new and make a change, which they rarely do because their current discomfort is so familiar.

It’s easier to complain because you can play the role of the helpless victim. Being a victim seems to imply a lack of responsibility for your victimhood and an apparent inability to change that, beginning with an uncomfortable decision to do something different.





  1. Nathan Jeffery avatar

    I think this applies to more than just social networks; “people” so often complain about all sorts of things but never bother to do anything to try to change their circumstances.

    But yeah, the social network thing is probably very much to do with comfort and habit.

    I’ve had a Path account for over a year and I’ve only logged 51 moments, whereas on twitter I’ve logged 13.4K tweets and who knows how many interactions on FB.

    I guess for me it’s both habit and the fact that I am mostly active from a desktop/laptop environment…

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