Knee-jerk asshole responses online

How often do we see this approach to stuff that comes up in our online streams? Far too often, I think:

The web runs on newness, but the massive quantity and disagreeable structure we place on that newness (cough streams) means it’s very easy to have your stance online become, as my friend Jason likes to say, “Fuck you, impress me.” Your coping mechanism for the glut becomes passing judgment, a weird and public version of sour grapes to deal with missing out, thanks to limited time and attention. You form an opinion about something in five seconds, because maybe if you kick it like a puppy, it’ll go away. We’ve all done this, but good god: asshole move. Good people don’t want to be like that. Especially if that grumpiness and ill-will seeps into the stuff you truly love, because you can’t pull it out from the bullshit.

Source: Frank Chimero writing in his post titled “Homestead 2014





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