My WordPress blog and Google+ – BFFs

I have a newfound appreciation for my far too neglected WordPress blog. I noticed I could connect my blog to my Google+ profile a couple months ago (so I did). What I have only begun to appreciate is how deeply my blog integrates into Google+. One thing I appreciate more and more is how I can publish my blog posts to my Google+ profile.

The first date

This sounds trivial because it’s been possible to publish posts to Twitter and Facebook for a long time now but given how few non-Google services can publish to a personal Google+ profile, this integration is terrific. It makes my blog a more meaningful lifestream and sharing hub.

Now if only I could figure out how to easily share from Flipboard to my blog like I can with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.






  1. Matt Black (@MattBlackZA) avatar

    How did you do it Paul? I’m selfhosting WordPress 3.8 and curious if theres a plugin or if it intergreates via the WP Author dashboard

    1. Paul avatar

      Hi Matt

      This site is also self-hosted. The integration is available through the JetPack plugin. One of its options is Google+ integration. One of the links in my post is to the JetPack info page.

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