Make the hard choice, get worked up about inspiring stories


People get really worked up about crap which doesn’t deserve nearly as much attention as it receives. That crap usually comprises people making stupid comments about things and everyone else taking deep personal offence. What follows is a Twitter mob that lacks perspective.

This story on the SouthAfrica Instagram profile is an awesome item which more people should be getting worked up about and sharing but like many great and inspiring stories, it doesn’t get as much attention as the crap because most vocal and popular mob leaders became popular because it’s easier to get worked up about offensive, though frequently insubstantial, crap.

Getting worked up about inspiring and meaningful stuff is tough because it usually means you need to actually do something substantive about it, not just tapping a retweet button and complaining some more. It’s easy to whine because it doesn’t involve making a useful contribution to your community.

And, yes, I am pretty cranky this morning.


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