Our little Chanukah miracle

We had our own Chanukah miracle this year. One of us left our box of candles in the sun one day and the heat melted about half the candles in the box. We had enough candles to take us through to the 7th night before we ran out of usable candles.

I went to a local Jewish shop to buy more candles. I didn’t have cash on me and they wouldn’t take a card so I had to cancel the sale. None of the other shops in the centre had Chanukah candles so I left the mall, intending to ask my wife to buy candles (and promptly forgot).

That evening I realised I had forgotten to arrange with Gina to buy more candles and when I checked the box of candles we had 3 melted candles (we needed 9 candles for one menorah). I dug around in a drawer and found an almost full box of Chanukah candles from last year, enough to light up two menorahs to finish off the last night.

Not quite as dramatic as our ancestors’ experience but a great synchronicity for our family.


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