Dragonfly experiment


My dragonfly experiment. I used 4 photo apps on my phone to apply a couple presets/filters to a photo to see what the outcome would be.

I used Camera+, VSCO, Snapseed and Flickr apps.





By Paul

Enthusiast, writer, Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I take photos too. Passionate about my wife, Gina and #proudDad.


  1. I’m thinking about my upgrade in Jan and so far the BB9800 hasn’t floated my boat so well, however I need to keep a BB for the messenger. I’m thinking of going the 2 phone route and getting another phone and just using the BB for chat. This device appeals to me because of the portable HD feature but I think with dual core androids coming nex year that this might not survive very long.

  2. Maybe … the dual core phones next year may add more power but I am yet to see a phone that has the quality camera Nokia smartphones often have. The extra processing power may be required by the software the phones are running too and the battery life could suffer too.

    Then again, with dual core processors coming out in phones next year, might be worth waiting … You could always get a good quality compact camera for the imaging and video stuff.

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