#SocialSA – a briefing on the social media landscape

I joined a terrific group of marketers, strategists and other creative and smart people at today’s Social Media briefing which was held at Deloitte’s campus in Woodmead. You fairly rarely find yourself in a conference like this where practically every speaker holds your attention and inspires more thought and debate about their areas of expertise. Today was an exception.

The speakers were engaging, focused and sparked a number of terrific debates. This was partly thanks to our host, Terry Murphy, who runs a pretty tight schedule and only allowed us 10 minutes to speak (well, except for Mike Sharman who took an extra 4 to the audience’s delight). It was a terrific day and I am looking forward to the Cape Town leg on Thursday where I’ll be reprising my role as a panelist and resident lawyer.

In the meantime, here is the Joburg conference in photos I took during the day:

You can also follow the discussions through the Twitter hashtag #SocialSA:


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