His Majesty, Jacob Zuma's new palace

Khaya Dlanga has a terrific post in Mail & Guardian today about President Zuma’s newly revamped and extremely controversial residence. He has a good point, let’s just called it a Palace and be done with it. It’s where we are heading anyway, aren’t we? To an imperial presidency under the guise of a democratic, revolutionalry, cadre infested movement?

There came a time in the most powerful and wealthiest land south of the equator, on a great landmass known as Africa, where a powerful ruler came to sit upon the iron throne to reign over the people. The one who sat on the throne also ruled over nine other realms, some of them called the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and Gauteng. He was a very delightful chap. He liked to sing and dance and the people liked this. He had many wonderful children from a few wives. In his third year on the throne of the most powerful country on his continent, there was a massive outcry in his land. 


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