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My Flickr subscription comes up for renewal this December and while I am inclined to renew my subscription and see what Flickr does under Yahoo’s new leadership, I’m curious which of the photo sharing services available now are the better ones?​

I’ve considered 500px and while I get some pretty immediate feedback on photos I upload, a lot of that feedback is spam with requests to follow other users. I like the attention but not like that.​

I ​upload all my photos to Google Photos for storage and to share on Google+ (I also backup with Dropbox and manually to S3) so its not like I need Flickr to show all my photos or even share them all but I have been with Flickr for years. Of course I can share my photos here on Squarespace which is designed, at least in part, for photographers. I can easily do more private sharing through Dropbox and Google+ too.

Renewing my Flickr membership wouldn’t be a bad thing for me but, like I said, I’m curious about the other options.





  1. Darren Smith avatar
    Darren Smith

    I am a Flickr Pro (paying user) too … though I have not uploaded & back-up to Flickr since forever, using Dropbox for more and more of that. But, like you, I will probably continue to pay, for similar reasons.

    One service that seems particularly interesting is Snapjoy. Check it out: https://my.snapjoy.com/ or https://dazmsmith.snapjoy.com/albums/210110744814185206

    There are a few features I’m still waiting for. But the service is slick, works and is mobile and Creative Commons aware. It’s pretty impressive.

    1. Paul Jacobson avatar

      Thanks Darren! I’ll take a look at the service but having thought about this some more, I’ll probably stick with my current services and renew Flickr.

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